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You’ve done the hard part. You’ve developed a great SaaS technology, an artificial intelligence approach, a machine learning solution that can truly change things for customers. You went through the RFPs, the competition, the heavy lifting. You won the customer. Who would have thought you would still be pushing a rock up the hill?

Weirdly enough, we see it all the time. Even the customers who were clear about the challenges they were facing, and how your solution would fit, can find it hard to actually transform, to reorganize work and processes so they can take advantage of a new technology. Transformation may not be easy, but we can make it work for you and for your customers.

Rocky Reach is a Boulder-based professional services group with deep experience with digital transformation. We can help you develop targeted approaches to shorten the time to value for your customers. Our experience spans SaaS, data science, machine learning and change management across multiple industries. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and neural  networks are changing the way business and researchers think about the problems they are trying to solve. We can help you do the same.

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DATA Visualization

Need to prove a point? Convince an audience? Rocky Reach can turn your raw numbers into useful insights that are both accurate and visually compelling. Our data visualization experts will design you a solution your audience is sure to remember.

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Machine Learning

At Rocky Reach we are always trying to push the boundaries of what can be done with data. Natural Language Processing, Deep Photo Style Transfer, Unsupervised Machine Learning, these are just a few of the strange and fascinating areas where we've been experimenting. What could our mad data science team do for your business or special project?

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DATA ANalysis

 How certain are you that your new advertising campaign is working? Are your marketing efforts really helping you reach your clients? We can help you answer these and other questions using cutting edge statistical analysis tools.  

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Zensorflow™ is an image journal focused on the philosophical, whimsical, and humorous side of machine learning. We’ll post regular updates and links to our favorite technical and spiritual wisdom. Data science is an incredibly powerful statistical toolbox, but it’s also a lot of fun. We hope you’ll find our illustrations informative as well as entertaining.

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