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What is Machine Learning?

Broadly speaking, machine learning is a type of programming that gives a robot the ability to learn how to solve a problem rather than explicitly telling a robot how to solve that problem.

This is accomplished by training the robot using data. It could be any kind of data: spreadsheets, images, sound files, whatever. That information gets broken down into a form the robot can understand. The robot studies the data, then takes a test to see how well it performed. The robot learns from its mistakes and repeats the process until it can pass the test reliably. 

This simple sounding practice is letting data analysts and programmers solve some very interesting problems. From what videos your favorite streaming service recommends, to predicting traffic conditions, to choosing and picking only the ripest tomatoes, machine learning is already touching our lives in hundreds of ways. Every video we watch, road we drive on, and tomato we buy is making the robots a little smarter.


If you have data about your business, chances are machine learning tools could be working for you. Transaction records, government data, balance sheets, emails, social media feeds, website analytics, these are all very common types of data for any business to have already. With the right machine learning algorithm and set up, that data could be helping to improve how efficiently and effectively your business runs.

Isn't it about time you had your own robot?

With your data and industry knowledge, Rocky Reach can build a learning robot and help design a test to teach it to make more reliable suggestions and predictions. That way, every time you resupply, close a deal, or launch a marketing campaign, your robot will get a little smarter.

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Now, when we say "robot" here what we are really talking about is a very flexible computer program. If you are curious about what kind of robot we could build with your data, contact us today for a free consultation